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Right Move Storage proudly introduces, VaultDrop!

Sure, you've heard of cloud storage before. Who hasn't? Consider this: If your valuable physical items are stored in one of our secure facilities, then why not store your valuable digital items?

Physical + Digital = TOTAL STORAGE™

Total Storage

VaultDrop is one of the industry leaders in secure cloud storage. Your digital items are virtually hackproof due to VaultDrop's super genius methods in securing your files.

Oh and did we mention: It's FREE and UNLIMITED to all of our customers!

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*Receive FREE unlimited cloud storage with your rental at any of our locations. More than a $19.99 per month value.

Secure cloud storage provided by VaultDrop. TOTAL STORAGE™.

Store all of your valuables in one place. Physical and digital!

I have never seen cloud storage offered as an incentive before and thought that was pretty clever.

--Burt, allfrom1supply.com