Smart Units with StorageDefender

Always know your things are safe - monitor your unit from anywhere!

Your self storage security is our top priority

At Right Move Storage we pride ourselves in making sure you have advanced security offerings, which is why we have partnered with StorageDefender.

Right Move Storage Smart Units are powered by StorageDefender, 24/7 monitoring technology

Always know that your belongings are secure with Right Move's smart unit service with real-time instant mobile alerts and audible deterrents. 

Protect your unit from theft with this smart service that has easy-to-use texting with no app. Contact Right Move's facility near you to learn more about the Storage Defenders technology feature today!

*Storage Defender is offered at most locations, want to learn more or have questions? Please reach out to the location you are specifically looking to rent at for more information.*

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Rent Your Secure Storage Unit Today

Store your belongings with Right Move so that when you part with your items, you know they will be safe. Our unique storage features and amenities create a safe and secure space that is easily accessible for our customers. Find a Right Move facility near you to begin your secure storage experience today!

Monitoring Service Built for You

StorageDefender offers 24/7 surveillance on your individual unit and provides real-time mobile alerts with flexible, personally-specified escalation.

Texting for Simple User Interface

Instead of a confusing app, StorageDefender utilizes an easy-to-use responsive SMS text interface for your security alerts. Simply type “Yes” or “No” and StorageDefender takes care of the rest.

Smart Technology in Action

Equipped with an advanced IT monitoring platform that converts and communicates physical activity to the digital world, StorageDefender’s smart messaging service deploys rapid decision making and reporting while leveraging artificial intelligent technology.

Next Level Security

Always know your things are safe - Monitor your unit from anywhere!
Motion Detection
Activity Motion Detection for your storage unit
Real Time Alerts
Our smart units can provide 24/7 real time alerts to you instantly
Noise Deterrent
Our units are equipment with a noise deterrent system
Event Escalation
You can select your subscriber specified escalation
Text Alerts

Get easy to use text alerts sent right to your mobile device

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