Self Storage for Businesses

We have the self storage units to fit your specific business needs

Business and Commercial-Use Self Storage

Right Move has self storage units for your business

We have the business storage to fit your specific needs. 

Whether you’re a small business, a contractor, a sales rep, or a community organization, we can find the perfect solution. 

We’ll work with you to establish a customized self storage plan for your specific business needs. 

Our business storage offers a lower cost per square foot than commercial space, affordable month-to-month leasing, climate and non-climate controlled units, and convenient logistic services. 

We provide you with flexibility, convenience, and security.

Small Business

If your small business is growing much faster than anticipated, your desk is cluttered, your floor is covered in documents but your file cabinets are full, or maybe every time you try to sit in your chair you bump into the extra printer, it’s time to take back control! 

Store documents, inventory, marketing materials, and office equipment in a safe, convenient storage facility with Right Move.


Does your business lack the space to park large vehicles and trailers that you don’t use every day? Are you wasting time trying to find tools and supplies because your warehouse is cluttered and disorganized? 

We have locations that can accommodate your heavy-duty vehicles as well as sizeable trucks and any other equipment that is appropriating most of your space. 

We also have secure units for the tools, supplies, and office equipment that you don’t use daily.

Retail Inventory

Storing excess inventory can be a hassle. You may not have much room in your retail space, but you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to save money by buying in bulk. 

Keep your inventory stored with us. We offer secure, affordable storage with climate control for temperature-sensitive items. 

Twenty-four-hour video monitoring will add another layer of protection to your valuable inventory. Call us to discover the solution that will be the perfect fit for your business!

Sales Representative Merchandise

As a sales rep, you have a unique situation in that you work from a home office and spend most of your time traveling. 

You need a place, other than your living space, to keep marketing materials, products, and documents. 

We offer secure, smaller spaces that would be the perfect fit for you. Inexpensive shelving will fit against the walls, positioning all your materials at your fingertips!

Community Organizations

Whether it’s a school or a community organization, we know that someone is always in charge of the paraphernalia. If you are that person, don’t get stuck trying to find extra space in your garage or attic. 

Moving these items in and out of your home is inconvenient and time-consuming. When you need these things, they may be hidden so well that you can’t find them. 

We can store these things in a convenient, secure, climate-controlled space. Your items will all be in one easily accessible place!

Collectors and Hobbyists

Hobbies can be fun, creative, and relaxing, but messy. If you’re a serious hobbyist with a lot of supplies, you know how easy it can be to lose control and end up with a mess. 

A hobby can be an imaginative, relaxing outlet until you look around at the clutter. Even if you have a designated craft area in your home, there may be no place to keep the overflow. 

A clean, secure storage unit may be your perfect solution. You can organize it with shelving, crates, and baskets to hold all your materials.

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