Where Will You Store Your Boat, RV or ATV?

February 14, 2019 Uncategorized

If you are deciding whether or not to purchase a boat, RV or ATV, usually the first question you ask yourself is, “Where am I going to store it?” With most homeowners associations and apartment complexes having strict rules about parking these types of vehicles in your driveway or on anywhere on the property, the most logical solution is self-storage. Right Move Storage has both indoor and outdoor storage depending on your needs and budget.

General Storage Suggestions

Be sure to drain all the fluids from your RV or boat before storing. Draining the fluids helps decrease the likelihood of rust and corrosion, however for RVs you should keep an appropriate amount of antifreeze in the vehicle. Also, be sure to remove all food items to keep away the temptation of small rodents out.

Indoor Storage

Indoor storage is a great option to help keep your motorized vehicle protected from the elements for a slightly higher cost. For boats, Right Move provides free transportation to and from the dock, eliminating the need for a vehicle with a hitch.

Outdoor Storage

It is recommended that you cover your boat or smaller vehicles if you are utilizing outdoor storage for an added layer of protection from the elements. If you are storing an RV, check to be sure that there are no leaks in the roof that could cause damage during an extended stay at our facility. One more thing, give your boat or RV an extra coat of wax before storing for an extra layer of protection.

Don’t let the only thing standing between you and that new RV, boat or ATV be the question of storage. With our onsite management, we are here to help you at your convenience. Contact us for more information on storing your boat, RV or ATV.

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