What’s the First Impression Your Storage Unit Makes?

February 23, 2018 Uncategorized

You know first impressions are important. That’s why the front office has promotional materials, someone at the front desk, and clear lighting. But knowing precisely what makes up a potential customer’s first impression can help you make a clearer impact with less effort. So what matters to customers?

Make sure the first person a visitor sees makes a good first impression even before they say anything.

Face-to-face interactions are usually scripted. But getting the wording right and mentioning the latest promotion isn’t good enough; only 7% of someone’s first impression of your employee is based on what they say. The rest of that snap opinion, 93%, is based on appearance and nonverbal communication. A full 55% of the total is just about appearance. That means your front desk employee should always have on a clean, neat company shirt. If you need your employees to wear multiple hats, which is common in self-storage, keep this in consideration when assigning dirty or exertive tasks. They should also look authentically happy to see new customers. So make sure you always have spare shirts in the back room and that you focus training on how employees act instead of saying the right words.

What does the front office say about your business?

Self-storage units have to combat a vaguely negative connotation. When people think self-storage, they might think clutter, dark hallways, or bare, impersonal buildings. Make sure your front office does its best to immediately counter this. Have bright lighting, large windows for natural light, and organized displays. Always have a person behind the front desk or in the front space so they can immediately greet customers. Even having your promotional displays feature images of people can help, just like in advertising.

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