What to Look For In A Storage Facility

September 27, 2018 Uncategorized

If you are looking to move your valuables in storage, finding the right facility is important. The key areas that many renters look for are safety of their items and access to the facility. Here are some things to look for when visiting a facility.

Safeguard Your Customers Belongings

A secure space provides a level of comfort for customers. For many storage facilities this means 24/7 CCTV monitoring and round-the-clock, on-site security services. This may be provided by a manager who is on duty day and night or the employment of security guard. If the facility is not in a downtown, urban setting, providing fencing around the storage facility that is properly maintained is an added level of security for customers.

Limiting the people who can enter and exit the facility by using key Fobs and gated access, also provides an added measure of security. In some cases, storage facilities provide individual alarmed units. Many storage facilities only allow package delivery during regular business hours. This helps to limit access to the facility by non-renters.

Easy Access, Anytime

One of the biggest obstacles potential clients have to using storage facilities is the notion that they will only have access to their goods during business hours. Customers prefer facilities that provide 24/7 access to their items. This allows them to schedule after hour deliveries and the ability to access their units during non-working hours. Another great feature is the ability to accept deliveries. This could include packages delivered to the front desk or directly to the storage unit.

Does the facility provide units that have drive up capabilities allowing customers to unload and load goods easily. Additionally, a storage facility that provides assistance with loading and unloading, packing and storing items, in the form of onsite personnel ready to help for a small fee, can be an added bonus if you are looking for commercial storage.

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