What to consider during a downsizing move

August 8, 2019 Uncategorized

Downsizing does not have to be a dirty word. There are a variety of different reasons for a downsize. There’s a newly divorced woman with a new lease on life. There are the empty nesters who realize that a large four-bedroom home is rather impractical for two people. Unfortunately, sometimes a person is forced to downsize because they can no longer afford their home. Whatever the reason, someone who is downsizing must be prepared for a major change.

Downsizers must ask themselves some important questions. Obviously not everything they own will fit into their new residence. For at least some items, they must make the difficult decision of parting with them. Choosing which ones can add some stress to the moving process. They can go the Marie Kondo route and ask “Does it spark joy?”  A good rule of thumb is to part with anything that you have not used in the last six months. Many of our household items can be used anywhere from every day to every few months. If you can go a full six months without using something, then it probably is not terribly important to you. Holding a yard sale or making a donation to charity are some great options for disposing of these items. 

Some items in our homes hold sentimental value. Think about those irreplaceable belongings that you would grab in case of a fire. Grandpa’s watch, Grandma’s necklace, Uncle Joe’s baseball card collection etc. all hold significant value to us. These treasures probably fail the six-month rule, but we cannot imagine parting with them. You should consider re-purposing some possessions. If you have a collection of concert t-shirts from your college days that no longer fit, have them made into a quilt. While it is perfectly fine to hold on to treasured items, do not let your sentimentality take advantage of you. Decide which pieces hold significant value and which ones do not.

For someone looking to downsize, a storage unit can be a valuable resource. A Right Move Self-Storage unit can help reduce the stress of organization. Not having to find the perfect spot for certain items can give you added peace of mind. A downsizers’ new residence may not have a basement. A storage unit is the perfect solution for those larger possessions. The units are spacious, clean and most importantly, safe. We can also take care of all your digital needs with cloud storage. Moving is stressful enough. Let Right Move Self-Storage ease some of those burdens for you.

For all your storage and moving needs, Right Move Self-Storage is the right call.

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