Use Real Estate Trends to Modify Your Self-Storage Advertising Practices

September 17, 2018 Uncategorized

A large portion of self-storage demand comes from people on the move. The percentages change depending on your specific region, but customers who need storage to facilitate a move to another address often keep storage units long after the transition period. Make sure you target that market of potential leads by tapping into the real estate data for your area.

Get your advertisements added to the list of address changes.

The last time you moved to a new house, one of your first pieces of mail was probably a large packet of coupons. Marketers know that new homeowners are susceptible to advertisements, especially for home improvement services and home products like window repair, furniture, and landscaping services. Add your self-storage business to the list.

Even though people traditionally needed storage before a move, that doesn’t mean the opportunity is lost. People transferring to a new regional office often find a new place before shipping their belongings. Some people downsize but still want to hold onto their old possessions that no longer fit their new space. Other times, an independent flipper may have bought the home and they’ll need easy offsite storage as they start repairs.

Know which neighborhoods are full of sellers.

A lot of databases are springing up with the data about who is buying, selling, and foreclosing in your area. Find a database that will send you a report of any status changes and automate your mailing lists to reach the potential customers who may need a storage unit. While anyone who is leaving their previous home may already know they need a storage unit and how to search for one, preempting their search with an easy solution works out for everyone.

Targeted advertising is the best way to maximize your percentage of lead conversions, so you don’t use up your marketing budget too quickly. Contact us today at Right Move Self-Storage for marketing and property management consulting.

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