Two Campaign Strategies for Retaining Your Customers

January 12, 2018 Uncategorized

People use storage units for different reasons, and even the same customer can have different plans over the length of their unit use. While automated payment methods and contract renewals can help you retain customers, many need a more active retention strategy for you to keep them long-term. Here’s how:

Email them reminders of important dates.

You don’t necessarily want to remind them of a cancellation date if your company has six- or twelve-month contract plans, but you can remind them of dates that might encourage them to switch to larger units. Whether it’s the end of the school year and their college students need a place to store their dorm gear or it’s the beginning of spring and you have customers that are more likely to want to store possessions they’re on the fence about instead of throw them away, offer special deals on upgrades and longer contracts. You can only email customers every so often at the risk of being seen as spam, so make sure you build targeting mailing lists so you only send customers the emails they’re likely to care about.

Have a system to remember requests.

You will hear a lot of requests for units that aren’t available at the time. Whether it’s first-floor units for customers who have a hard time with the stairs or who have a lot of bulky items in storage, or units closest to the elevators for easy convenience, some units are more popular than others. Keep track of your customers’ requests if they have a preference you can’t fulfill at the moment, and let them know when a unit is available. Not only will they stay with your company longer because of this service, they’re more likely to recommend you to acquaintances because you gave them a great story. If you combine this with moving assistance so your customers feel like VIPs, they’re going to be a life-long customer and bring their family and friends with them.

Good marketing programs rely on being useful to your customers. Just like with any other business, retention is cheaper than finding new clients, and finding low-cost but meaningful ways to reach out is good business. Go to Right Move Self-Storage for more tips and ideas for organizing your self-storage business.

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