Turning your storage unit into a passion project

January 30, 2020 Uncategorized

When we think about storage units, we don’t think of much. People use them when their belongings overwhelm their space. Not every home has a basement or attic. Apartments are even more limited in space. Some use their storage unit as a supply closet for their business or organization. These units, however, have many more uses besides excess supplies and belongings. Consider using your unit as a workspace for your passion project.

Are you a talented musician? It’s hardly a shock to say that people like music. Some of us not only love listening to music, but love to play it as well.  Nearly all the biggest stars spent years, toiling in cheap bars and playing in their parents’ garage. Unfortunately, playing loud music in a garage can have a negative effect on your neighbors. Imagine the next Lady Gaga, The Beatles or Garth Brooks being discouraged because Gladys from next door constantly complained about the noise. If you have the next great band or just like to play for fun, consider renting a storage unit for practice. You can store all of your equipment there and practice whenever you need to, free from complaining neighbors. 

For some of us, our passions involve brushes, paint and clay. Whether art is a hobby or a career, having space to practice is ideal. Artists love to delve into their projects without distraction. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to devote the necessary time to creating art. Any budding artist should consider a storage unit to both work in and display their work. The unit provides some much-needed peace and quiet so they can concentrate. 

For any fitness enthusiast, a storage unit can be transformed into a personal gym. The large spacious area can store your stationary bike, treadmill, weight bench and more. If lack of space is what’s preventing you from working out, you now have no excuse.

Right Move Self Storage provides you with top of the line units. Whether it’s for your passion project, business or just overflow, a storage unit from us is the right call. 

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