Tips Proceeding Secure Moving and Self-Storage

June 9, 2021 Uncategorized

Packing can be an exciting process, especially when you are moving close to your family members. However, packing your belongings without prior experience or proper tools is indeed tedious and confusing at the same time. Being able to sort out things appropriately is vital to ensure delicate stuff will be safe. 

While your next home may not be spacious enough to fit all your belongings accumulated with time, that should not worry you. You can rent a storage unit at a self-storage facility to keep your things safe. Right, Move Self-Storage is a reputable firm that can help you move your belongings and offer you a storage unit rental sufficient for your needs. Here are tips that you should know whether you are packing, moving, or preparing for self-storage. 


Planning is the most crucial step for successful moving. This will help you know where to start with packing, what to pack where, and more. Moreover, understanding the quantity of the items you have can guide you when shopping for packing supplies. Additionally, planning will give you insight into the size of the storage unit you should rent.

Proper Packing Boxes

Storage boxes need to be strong enough, not just any boxes that you may find cheap from stores. Most reliable packing boxes have polythene outer coating making them water-resistant. These boxes are well stuck using strong adhesives. Right Move Self-Storage offers ideal packing and storage boxes that can protect your things during transit as well as on store.

Level Packing Boxes

Proper marking on the items helps understand what is kept where and this will determine the kind of treatment on every item. For this reason, you can tell which box contains the most delicate items to be placed on top of other packages during moving. Also, during unpacking, you don’t have to troubleshoot which boxes carrying what.

Use Filling on Fragile Items

You can obtain protective fillings like foams and bubble wraps from Right Move Self-Storage at a reasonable price. This will keep your items safe from breaking or cracking. Some things like glass, mirrors, and TV sets, require intensive care while moving.


Moving is not as easy as you may think. Moving and packing may lead to damages to your items, leading to frustrations if proper measures are not taking. Therefore, the help of experienced professionals when packing and moving to a self-storage facility is recommendable. If you wish to move your belonging today to a self-storage facility, contact us  for affordable quotes.

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