Tips and Tricks for the Moving Process

November 7, 2019 Uncategorized

Moving can be an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. There’s a variety of different reasons why people move. Empty nesters may be looking to downsize. A large family is getting a little larger. A job seeker has finally secured that dream career, but it’s out of town. Whatever the reason, the new movers all face a monumental endeavor and a new life change. For anyone planning a move, it does not have to be stressful. Following these tips and tricks can help make your move a smooth and comfortable process.

  • Don’t bring everythingGetting rid of some items can help free up some storage space. This is especially true if these items are large and awkward. Yard sales and donations are great ways of cutting down on your storage. Determine the value of your belongings. Some of these are likely not as useful as they once were, making them perfect candidates for removal.
  • Organize your bins– Plastic storage totes will become your new best friends. These bins are great for storing many items, especially clothing. Adapt a plan for these totes. Put like items together. Having one bin for summer clothes and another for winter clothes will make the unpacking process go smoothly. Also make sure not to over-pack a bin. An over-packed bin will be difficult to close. You don’t want to see clothes scattered all over the moving van because a lid wasn’t secured tightly.
  • Moving vans– You may have a slew of friends with trucks willing to help. That is great, but renting a moving van is your best option. The space is much larger, making it ideal for tables, dressers, beds etc. Since they typically are covered, you need not worry about items flying out on the highway. Hiring a full moving company is another great choice. If you can’t secure enough volunteers or you have physical limitations, hiring a moving company is for the best.

Once you’ve prepared everything for moving, you may still have an overflow of items. Do not fret. Rent a Right Move Self-Storage unit. Your belongings will be in a safe, secure and clean location. This will give you added peace of mind. Renting a unit from Right Move Self-Storage will make your moving process go off without a hitch.


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