Three Ways to Declutter with Free Cloud Data Storage

April 11, 2019 Uncategorized

No matter how many times you go through and declutter your storage unit and household, it always tends to pile up again. Life happens and eventually, you end up with boxes of new sentiments and anything else that you may need to keep for later. Luckily, with our free cloud data storage, you are able to get rid of some of those old boxes!


Here are just a few things that you can upload to our cloud data storage.


  • Photos

Photos of family and important occasions are ones that you want to keep around for a lifetime. Although, you no longer need to have them printed or kept on multiple memory cards only to be thrown into a box for storage. You can now scan and/or upload your photos to our free cloud service. Instead of searching for old photos for hours, you can simply scroll through all of your photos that are organized online.


  • Videos

Like your photos, videos are another thing that can get lost amongst several memory cards inside of boxes. Now with our cloud service, you can upload your videos and watch them whenever you want with a click of a button. Gone are the days of rummaging through boxes to show your kids the video of their first steps.


  • Important Files

Files such as tax returns, proof of vaccination, and contracts are things that you may need to keep around for years. Literally filing them into drawers and boxes can take up so much space. With the cloud, you can scan any type of paperwork and upload it to be kept forever. Once these files are uploaded to the cloud, they can easily be sent to whomever through email with an online link.


Right Move cloud data storage is completely free to all of our customers, normally valued at $19.99. If you already are using any of our other services, don’t forget to sign up for this storage option and declutter your unit today.


If you have any more questions on cloud data storage, contact us!

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