Three Low-Cost Ways to Invest in Your Self-Storage Properties

January 26, 2018 Uncategorized

Staying marketable in the storage unit business doesn’t mean maintaining the status quo. It’s about making constant improvements that match customers’ expectations, standing out from competitors, and keeping costs low. If you’re looking for solid ways to make your business stand out without investing too much money in the process, here’s how:

Keep your employees up to date.

Customers don’t necessarily expect the employees in the front office to know all the answers about security, but they do expect them to know all the answers to their questions. Make sure your employees know about security tools, how to safely package and store common items, and what makes certain locks better than others. If you offer secure digital storage, too, train them on the terminology and make a habit of talking about recent news stories regarding data hacks.

Switch out your light bulbs.

Bulbs are getting both more efficient and longer-lasting, so don’t just hold onto your current lights until they burn out. Switch out main hallway and exterior lights for the brighter, better options, and use the lower lights in employee storage areas or for use in a pinch.

Make it easy for your customers to give feedback.

If customers have something to say and you don’t give them a way to say it, they’re either going to angrily tell an employee precisely what’s wrong when it’s too late for you to make a change or they’re going to go to a competitor instead of saying anything at all. Instead, have feedback cards, post the front office number regularly around the building, and encourage communication. Not only does this mean customers can call the front office instead of having to close their unit and walk around to the office to inform you of problems that you may not have noticed. This can include anything from poor lighting, maintenance related issues or even suspicious incidents on the property.

No matter what you choose to invest in, always keep your units changing and improving. Go to Right Move Self-Storage for more ideas on how to manage the property.

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