The Top 5 Other Services Self Storage Companies Offer

April 19, 2018 Uncategorized

What comes to mind when you think of self-storage?

Most people think self-storage is just a place to store a couple extra boxes or some old furniture.

In today’s world, self-storage companies are evolving into a one stop shop for their customers by listening to their needs and delivering solutions.

Here are the top 5 other services self-storage companies offer.

Cloud Storage

Document storage allows customers the opportunity to preserve important documents for future use. It’s offered in two solutions–cloud storage and physical space.

Cloud storage is a database run off of the internet that stores pools of data in an off-site storage system. This storage is managed by a third party.

Customers well-versed in the computer age store personal and professional data in cloud storage to prevent overusing space on their computer hard drives or spending too much money on jump drives.

Cloud storage provides convenience by doing away with the physical effort of packing documents in boxes. It also provides online security with passwords and firewalls.

Most cloud storage sizes run from 2GB to free unlimited storage.

Truck Rental

One of the biggest challenges for people who are in need of self-storage is finding a way to get their belongings to and from their storage unit. Truck rental service helps with that.

Most self-storage companies offer authorized U-Haul trucks at availability. U-Haul trucks assist with moving short and long distances.

Customers can rent a pickup truck for small moves or a large truck for bigger moves without having to worry about adding unnecessary gas and mileage to their own vehicle.

Package and Shipping Services

People in between locations utilize self-storage the most. From mail delivery to shipping supplies, most self-storage locations offer both.

Customers either lose their jobs and have to downsize to a smaller location or they downsize their business and need to store important business materials.

Either way, there is a change in address and mail is still set to arrive.

Storage companies offer package and delivery service. Customers can have important packages shipped directly to their storage service center. They can pick them up or store them directly in their units at any time, as most storages are open 24 hours.

Work Stations

Storage companies offer workstations for customers looking for space to work or additional workspace.

Workspaces are set up just like office spaces.

They are equipped with desks, office chairs, computers with free W-Fi, and amenities like free coffee so customers still get the feel of being in an office.

Fax/Copy Services

Need to make copies or send an important fax? Fax and copy services are one of the top 5 other services offered by storage companies.

Storage companies who offer a fax and copy service afford customers the luxury of convenience. With the availability of workspaces, small business owners can remain onsite and complete business transactions.

Take Advantage

The days of thinking self-storage is just another place to store extra boxes is long gone.

Small business owners, students, and homeowners can have their professional needs met by storage companies.

Cloud services, moving services, office work space availability, and package delivery are among the top ways storage companies are attending to the demands of their customers.

Contact us today to learn how many of these benefits you can enjoy while renting at one of our self-storage locations!

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