Storage Tips from Self-Storage Property Management

January 30, 2017 Uncategorized

Many people find they need to use a storage unit at one point or another during their lives. But if your plan is to just throw all of your things into a storage unit, Right Move Self-Storage has some storage tips from the perspective of self-storage property management.

Those managing storage units see it all. So we can give some useful storage pointers so your unit doesn’t turn into one of those haphazard disasters you see on “Storage Wars.” Here are a few tips for people in different walks of life.

College Students: College students may end up living in a number of different living situations throughout their time in college. It is not uncommon for students to only have a one-year lease and move around from year to year. With this being the case, our suggestion is keep the things you have to move to a minimum and keep some of your bigger things in storage until you need them. You may not have room for everything you are thinking about bringing to college so check out your living space first before saying yes to that sectional your grandma is giving away.

Families in Transition: Life often brings changes that lead you to moving, whether is it a new job, needing to downsize, a death in the family, or another reason. If this is the case for you and you need to use a storage unit until your new living situation is settled, we recommend that you label each box very clearly so you can find things you need in the interim.

These are just a few tips for those using a storage unit. For more information about self-storage or managing a self-storage unit, contact us today.

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