Storage Tips for College Students/ Parents of College Students

December 1, 2017 Uncategorized

When your children go off to college, or when you go off to college yourself, there is often the task of determining what to do with your things. Whether the parents want to turn their children’s room into a home gym or the student has to store some furniture when moving from one apartment to the next, people often need to find a storage unit to help with the process. At Right Move Self Storage, we are the storage experts so we want to offer a few tips for college students when it comes to moving and storage.

  • Talk With Your Roommates Before Moving In. One of the reasons college students need storage is that they end up with duplicates when moving in with new roommates. And this can happen quite a bit because many college students move several times throughout their time in college. Talk with your roommates before moving in to avoid having to move large items twice.
  • Store Nostalgic Items and Keepsakes. If your parents don’t want to store your keepsakes while you are away at college don’t take them with you. You won’t have any need, or the space, for your old prom dresses, football pads, or school work from when you were in elementary school. But don’t toss them! There will come a day when you will want to show these items to your children or simply reflect back on your life. Store them in a storage unit until you have more space of your own.
  • Keep Furniture People Give You. Sometimes when you go to college, relatives or close family friends will give you furniture they want to get rid of. Just because you won’t have space in your dorm room or college apartment doesn’t mean you won’t want it someday. Stick it in storage until you have the space and the need later.

Hopefully these storage tips will help you think strategically about going off to college or moving from one living situation to the next. For more information or for self-storage property management, contact ustoday at Right Move Self Storage.

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