Should You Store Items to Hand Down to Your Children?

January 25, 2021 Uncategorized


Have you ever wondered if it’s worth your time and money to store items for your children to use when they reach adulthood? No doubt you have gone back and forth trying to decide whether to save items that they might just consider outdated, unimportant, or worse — a burden.  

Use these 4 questions to decide if you should store items for your kids


1.  Will your children be renting a place during college or in their early adult years?


If the answer is yes, it is often surprising how excited your child will be to get their parent’s “old” stuff. College-aged kids may be broke but still wish to feel sophisticated. In this stage of life, your child will relish having small sofas, dining sets, chairs, rugs, bed frames, mattresses, artwork, and a variety of tables. Keeping items that are solid wood and not antique, or that you don’t mind being painted, will be an excellent choice. You will contribute to your children being able to take your old furnishings and turn them into their own.


2.  Are your children going to have children of their own soon?


If so, bassinets, rocking chairs, twin headboards, mattresses, dressers, desks, and bookshelves are beneficial. If your child can paint or reupholster the furniture to make it fresh and modern, they will be happy to welcome your pieces. In addition, keeping a few bins of older toys is wise. The grandbabies will get immense enjoyment out of items that don’t look like the newer things in big box stores. If you have wooden toys, they make lasting hand-me-downs. Also, pulling out different looking playthings when you have your young visitors over to your house can be a great boredom buster. 


3.  Do you foresee economic hardship for your offspring?


Perhaps they are experiencing school-related debt or a run of unfortunate luck. If so, they will be grateful to accept your stored items. Even things such as older, but functioning, electronics are helpful in these instances. However, you’ll still want to steer away from saving things that are cheap, broken, or worn. All other furnishings can be very useful.


4.  Is your child an “old-soul” or one that has been eyeing family heirlooms since they were young?


If your kid loves antiques, cherishes memories, or has had an eye on your collections, hold on to those special items for them. They will appreciate it later. People who treasure these things love them forever, and the opposite is true. You won’t convince your child to cherish that set of miniature figurines if they showed no interest in it when they were growing up!


So yes, storage can be an investment, but there is value when investing in your children. It’s nice to be able to offer your young adult a helping hand when they need it most.


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