Self-Storage: The Best Place to Store Your RV

August 30, 2018 Uncategorized

Traveling around in an RV is so much fun!

More and more people are embracing the open road for their vacations each year. In fact, around 10 million households in the US own an RV.

But there is one problem RV owners often run into. What to do with the RV when they’re not using it? It can be difficult to find secure places to park an RV.

The best option is to park it at a self-storage facility. Let’s look at 3 reasons why.

1. Free up Space

One of the most obvious reasons to store your RV offsite is to keep your driveway or yard clear. RVs are large and take up a lot of space. Sometimes the only option may be to park it in an area that blocks access to your garage.

Some HOA’s and cities even have regulations on parking RV’s in residential neighborhoods, making it further difficult for RV owners to park their RV safely and securely.

Also maneuvering an RV in such a confined area can be extremely difficult for you and your neighbors. Fortunately self-storage locations that offer RV parking are suited for this exact need.

They are equipped with long, extra wide driveways and some properties offer amenities like wash stations to help you rinse off before or after a road trip.

2. Theft/Vandalism Prevention

Unfortunately theft and vandalism are two things you should consider before parking your RV. If the RV is in your driveway or parked on the street in front of your house it could leave your valuables exposed.

Parking your RV at a self-storage property protects your vehicle from these types of damages thanks to the added security of a fenced in property, surveillance cameras and on-site management just to name a few of the security features used to keep your property safe.

3. Safety from Snow/Hazardous Weather

Few people use their RV during the winter. Traveling in cold weather, especially with snow on the ground, isn’t the most safe experience.

If you park your RV outside, you’re leaving it exposed to the elements all winter. This will cause damage to your RV and cause it to degrade much faster than if it were parked in a covered or enclosed space.

Your RV is a huge investment. You don’t want things to go wrong and your maintenance bills to shoot sky high over preventable damage. Covered storage offers the perfect solution to keeping your RV snug and protected all winter long.

Best Places to Park an RV

So what is one of the best places to park an RV? At a self-storage facility, obviously. The rent is a small price to pay to keep your RV in tiptop shape and to give you the peace of mind that no one can steal it.

Here at Right Move Storage, we offer safe, secure RV parking at some of our various storage facilities. If you’re looking for the perfect place to store your RV, be sure to reach out to us today.

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