Self-Storage Property Management – How to improve your customer satisfaction rating

March 28, 2017 Uncategorized

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any business’s success and must be a top priority for management and staff. This affects how likely the customer will use your business again, recommend you to others, and give positive ratings on online directories. Achieving these will ensure your self-storage business commands its share of customers in your market.

Your properties visual appeal not only affects how your property gets noticed, but also your current client’s satisfaction. A clean and tidy property offers a quality place for clients to store their personal items. It also gives a great first impression of those potential clients driving by or entering the property for the first time. Professional signage is imperative for your property as well as ongoing maintenance of the landscape and buildings. Signage sets your property apart from others and allows customers to easily find your location.

Customer service is crucial for gaining as well as retaining customers. A neatly presented and cordial staff is something customers appreciate and are more likely to recommend to others. Prompt help from staff and team members willing to go the extra mile are ways to increase customer satisfaction. Self-storage businesses struggle for differentiation from their competition and excellent customer service is the ideal solution to put your business at the top. In the age of the internet, a few positive reviews on Yelp and Google can also go a long way for attracting business.

Right Move Storage offers a self-storage property management system that provides these key elements for your business. They can quickly diagnose areas that need improvements and improve your self-storage business profits quickly. If you would like more information on improving your customer satisfaction, please contact us.

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