Self-Storage: Extras We Offer

November 15, 2018 Uncategorized

Moving can be stressful. First, you have to go through everything and see what you want to keep and what you are going to get rid of. Then, you have to start packing everything into boxes and live out of them until it is time to move.


If you are getting a storage unit, you may be able to start moving things out earlier. This can be a big help, though choosing the right storage facility is vital.


If that is the way that you want to go, look no further than us. Not only do we offer storage units, but we also offer many extras to help you through your move.


Here are some of the extra services that we offer.


  • Trained storage professionals. If you are interested in a storage unit, we can help! Our professionals are trained to help you determine what size you need so that you don’t have to measure and guess, possibly choosing one that is the wrong size.


  • Moving supplies. We offer boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to help you get started with your packing. There is no need to run from store to store because we have everything that you need right here!


  • Free cloud storage. For every storage unit, we offer free unlimited cloud data storage with Vault Drop. This costs approximately twenty dollars a month and you get it just for being a loyal storage unit tenant!


  • Moving truck rentals. Need to hire a moving truck? We offer many sizes to make your move go as smoothly as possible.


  • RV storage. If you are moving to a place where you can’t take your camper or RV, we are proud to be able to offer some storage for these until you are all settled in your new home. You can also keep it at our location long-term if your new home doesn’t have enough room.


If you are looking to move, we have everything that you could possibly need. We have professionals to make sure that you get the right size storage unit. With every purchase, we offer free cloud storage. Need moving supplies and a truck? Contact us today!

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