Self-Storage: 5 Tips for Temporary Storage

January 17, 2019 Uncategorized

When moving out, one of the problems you will face is the need for temporary storage. The following tips will help you utilize the space available for the temporary storage and make it easy when locating items.


  1. Label the boxes for identification- When you have a limited space for temporary storage, most of your boxes will be piled on top of the other. It will be easier to locate specific luggage if it is labelled. Make a point to label all the boxes so that you know what to move first into the vehicle and where to find it when the time to move out to proper storage comes. Also, labelling makes it more comfortable for you to spot missing items that would take ages to find if the search is done haphazardly.


  1. Create walkways- Temporary storage space will obviously have limited space. Without proper planning, you might have to step on top of boxes to reach the items you need. If you have fragile items, you might break them. When you create walkways, you make it easier to locate items as you countercheck your items list. Sidewalks also make it easier for you to move boxes from the back of the room if need be.


  1. Place heavier items on the bottom- After filling the storage units with items, make sure to place the heaviest units at the bottom and lighter ones above them. Putting heavier boxes at the bottom will save you space since you can stack up many lighter boxes upwards. Also, make a quick note of the fragile items; label them as ‘FRAGILE’ and place them at safe locations.


  1. Utilize the wall space- If you have small floor space, you can utilize the wall space to store some of your belongings. Some of the stuff that you can easily hang on the walls include curtains, drapes, and clothing. Use hanging cartons to keep them from dust and moisture.


  1. Use pellets to keep your stuff dry- The worst mistake you can do is to place your boxes on the concrete floor. If you put your boxes on the concrete floor, they will absorb moisture and spoil your valuables. Use pellets to keep your valuables from moisture and preserve them for long.


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