Seasonal Storage is Perfect for Texas Horse Owners

September 27, 2019 Uncategorized

Seasonal Storage is Perfect for Texas Equestrians

Do you know there are about 290,000 horse owners in Texas? Not to mention almost a million people involved in the horse industry and over a million horses! Those are the statistics per Texas A & M University.

As the chilly autumn weather sets in equestrians in The Lone Star State are finishing up their yearly competition schedules, heading home from finals and championships, and trying to sort out exactly what to do with all that gear for the winter season. Right Move Storage is here to help!

With 30 locations in Texas we can help horse owners find a SAFE place for all that expensive tack. And since we offer month-to-month leasing plans you’re not on the hook to pay for a full year of storage.

What To Store

Let’s not beat around the bush here, horses require a ton of expensive gear. You’ve invested a lot of cash in your equipment, wouldn’t it be nice to stash it safely away for the winter season while your horses take their well deserved winter break? Equestrians have trailers, barns and yards brimming with:

  • Saddles, bridles and leather goods
  • Show clothes and boots
  • Saddle blankets and pads
  • Horse-wear like combination boots, shipping boots, polo wraps
  • Summer blankets, coolers and fly-sheets
  • Medical supplies
  • Extra grooming supplies
  • Travel blankets, buckets, rakes and pitchforks
  • Bigger equipment like mounting blocks and wheelbarrows
  • Heavy equipment like tractors, UTVs and spreaders

What To Keep on Hand

Many horse owners and their beloved equines take a bit of a break from schooling and showing during the winter months. Naturally you’ll need to keep enough tack on hand to head out for a trail ride. Keep the right bridle handy for each horse, a schooling saddle, your basic grooming supplies and any required daily supplements and meds.

Store that expensive show tack! Give saddles, bridles and leather goods a thorough oiling and wrap them in old sheets. Come spring, they’ll be fresh and ready to show with no dirt or mold to deal with.

You’ll rest easy knowing your expensive show gear is tucked away for the winter. If you’d like to know more about our temporary storage options and month-to-month leasing contact us today!

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