Offer Complete Solutions for Companies with HIPAA Requirements

February 9, 2018 Uncategorized

An increasing number of companies deal in information. Whether it’s Big Data, personally identifiable information (PII), or health-related information that is subject to HIPAA regulations, new security requirements have been created to protect the widely circulating consumer information. Many businesses already had to keep records for five, seven, or more than ten years for regulatory and IRS concerns. Make sure your storage units offer the information storage that business clients need, and you will have long-term customers.

What will business clients need from storage?

You don’t have to completely alter your service offerings in order to tap into the growing number of companies that need offsite storage. But offering a few specialty services or conveniences can help.

Sell boxes, labels, and shelves in your front office.

Storing a lot of paper is hard, so most businesses just put it off. That means a new customer might show up with filing cabinets and stacks of paper. Make sure you have the tools they need to get organized. Once they’ve already transported the bulk of their records, they won’t leave. But making the moving process easier — either with sellable goods or complimentary tools — sets a good tone for their experience.

Offer cloud-based storage.

Along with HIPAA regulations, many medical-related companies are obligated to electronically store files. Offer a solution through Vault Drop that facilitates both compliance and good security. For most businesses that are in the process of converting their records, like real estate businesses and financial companies, offering both modes of storage is a great strategy.

Understanding why companies are turning to off-site storage is the key to getting long-term business. Go to Right Move Self-Storage for more ways to retain customers and maintain a growing business.

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