Must Have Supplies To Make Your Move Easier

August 21, 2019 Uncategorized

Moving can be a difficult task for anyone to take on. Finding a place to move to, figuring out a date to move, updating addresses, it’s all a huge hassle. Having the right supplies can make or break your whole moving experience. Here are a few items to have handy to make sure you are fully prepared for your upcoming move.

The Right Boxes

You already know you will need boxes to store your goods as you pack them into a truck and move them to their new permanent home. Have you thought about the right box for each item that you want to move? Boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities for all the special items you want to keep safe. Large, medium, or small, you need to be certain you have a wide assortment of boxes of good quality to use during your move.

Packing Supplies

All of your fragile items need to be packed into boxes with some cushioning. Packing ceramic plates and other fragile items with some packing paper (newspaper works great) will keep them safe on their journey. For glassware such as cups or decorations, bubble wrap is advised. Wrapping these up nice and tight in bubble wrap will protect them from shattering as they may move around a bit in their boxes.


When you finally get you and your valuables to your new home, how will you know which box has what? It’s important to have labels for all of your boxes. This way you can know what box contains fragile items or even what box contains items for a specific room. The more prepared you are the better your move will go.


When it comes to tape, any old scotch tape won’t cut it for this job. Duct tape is also not a good option as it is very thick and won’t be easy to remove from your boxes once you are moved. You want to make sure you have Packing Tape on hand for your move. Packing Tape is clear and comes in wider strips than most other tapes. It usually comes on a dispenser roll that has a handle for easy application. It is also adhesive enough to hold boxes shut, but easy to remove when you are ready. Not sure if you are adequately prepared for your move? Contact us to learn more about different moving supplies available to you.

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