Market Your Self-Storage Facility with Right Move

July 5, 2017 Uncategorized

At first glance, the self-storage business seems self-explanatory: People show up at your facility and want to store their belongings, then they store them in a unit, and you make money. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple — even a visible facility on a busy road needs marketing to really help it reach its potential. When you partner with Right Move Storage, you gain access to marketing techniques that can help bring customers directly to your facility.

Some of the most important marketing strategies that Right Move Storage uses to help more people find your facility include:

  • Branding: Your brand image, especially your logo, could probably use a touch-up. We can help you create a logo that speaks to the self-storage users of today, and place your sign in a place where the most traffic possible will see it.
  • Local Marketing: Taking an ad out in the local paper is a good way to gain local exposure for your facility, however, it isn’t the only way. We will assist you in creating professional print material, such as brochures, to help you market locally, and then help you find the ideal channels to distribute your marketing material.
  • Online Presence: If you don’t have a website — or worse, you haven’t visited your website since the ’90s — it’s time to bulk up your online presence. A blog post a week, a Facebook page, and a few listings on self-storage directories can go a long way in helping people find you.

Right Move Storage is your number one self-storage property management service. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help turn your stalled storage facility back into a booming business.

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