Make Use of Self-Storage Property Management to Expand Business Hours

November 20, 2016 Uncategorized

Starting a business and managing it through the years is an enormous challenge because you have to wade through the good times and the bad times, as well as the constantly increasing competition. With a sharp eye on your business, you may have noticed that you are losing more customers than normal. Local competition is certainly a possible factor, but you should not rule out your business hours. If your facility is not open as long as most of the local competitors, making a change is worthwhile. Bringing on self-storage property management can help you expand your business hours to become competitive again.

Before letting people stay on the premises into the night, a few things need to be done.

Incorporate Additional Lighting

It is important to provide your customers with sufficient lighting. When your facility is mainly open during the day, you do not have to worry about how many lights are dispersed around the property. But, this is not possible with nighttime access as customers need to see where they are going. Also, ample lighting makes it easier for people to feel safe when accessing their unit at night, which is great for business.

Set Up Surveillance Cameras

If you want to make the place feel even more secure, you can have surveillance cameras set up. This will provide constant footage that you can use to look back on for any incidents that might occur. It is also a feature that you can include when discussing the qualities of your storage facility to potential customers.

Invest in Extra Security

Depending on how late you are going to stay open, you may want to bring onsite security on board. Their presence can greatly improve safety and security for the customers on the premises.

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