Launch Advertising Campaigns That Highlight Your Security Practices

November 21, 2017 Uncategorized

Your customers aren’t just looking for a place they can store their belongings to give themselves a bit of space and flexibility. They’re looking for security, a guarantee that the property they entrusted your site with remains precisely as they left it. Emphasizing your security features can gain you new security-conscious customers and remind existing customers about why your units are better than your competitors. Here are some of the top security features prospective customers are looking for:

1. Your units need to have visible video surveillance. Video surveillance is a deterrent and a comfort. If would-be trespassers and thieves see signs of upgraded and maintained video surveillance, then your property is that much less of a tempting target. It’s also a sign to prospective customers that you invest in your business and take security seriously. Emphasize your cameras and footage storage procedures when marketing to visitors and describe how it makes their property safer.

2. Maintain good lighting that doesn’t leave shadowed corners. Light makes a storage unit feel more monitored to both potential criminals and customers. A well-lit building also is a sign of frequent use whereas dim lights or broken bulbs show lack of care. The right lighting also makes your cameras effective and, more than that, makes your customers feel safe when they’re visiting in the evening or at night.

Clear, visible security is one of the best marketing tactics your business can invest in, especially because it’s more than just good advertising. Make a list of your storage unit’s security features and we can work with you to find the best way to highlight them in your marketing campaigns. Go to Right Move Self-Storage to get started.

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