Keep Your Genealogy Project in One Place

June 27, 2019 Uncategorized

Keeping track of your family history can be a great project, especially if you’re just diving into genetic testing services and online family tree sites. If you’ve been collecting family keepsakes and photos for years, you might have shoe box after shoe box of old pictures and documents. If you need more space than you currently have and you want to make sure everything stays protected, find the right storage service. Look for:

1. Cloud-based storage for file backup

Many online genealogy services store all of your information on their own system of clouds and services. That means you might not have direct ownership of the data, and you’re relying on their system to keep track of all your progress. Regularly download what you can and store it on your own cloud. That means you always have a copy of the names and family connections.

2. Temperature controlled units that can safely hold old documents and photos

Paper documents and old photos have a shelf life. They can degrade in all conditions, but that degradation happens faster if they’re stored in an attic or even in different, humid climates. Slow down the decay with temperature-controlled storage. Dedicated physical storage also means you can organize them for easy access instead of trying to save as much space as possible.

3. Larger units for heirlooms and inherited furniture

If you’re the go-to genealogy expert in the family, chances are that you’re going to start holding onto heirlooms, not just family history. This can include old bibles, old furniture, and old quilts. Keep everything safe in storage to free up your attic, garage, and guest rooms.

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