How to Pack a Storage Unit for Maximum Efficiency

May 10, 2018 Uncategorized

When packing your belongings to put into storage, you leave everything until the last minute and shove all of it promptly into bags and boxes.

When you reach the unit, you realize that you don’t have enough space. And when it comes time to unpack, sorting through these items becomes a nightmare.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it’s time to learn how to pack a storage unit for maximum efficiency. And guess what?

It’s way easier than you think! Keep reading to learn about some great tips and tricks on how to organize a storage unit with ease.

Use Good Old Fashioned Boxes

Boxes are the perfect receptacles for storing your belongings. They’re compact, and they’re easy to stack.

The trick to getting the most use out of boxes is to ensure that the items inside are consolidated appropriately. Think of packing a moving box like playing a game of Tetris. Fit items together in ways that take up the least amount of space.

For the purpose of storage organizing, use no more than two sizes of boxes to make stacking a breeze. And make sure that they are taped securely to prevent your belongings from getting damaged. Additionally, you will typically save money by purchasing your packing and moving supplies from the storage facility you will be storing at. Since you are storing your items there already, the on-site manager you are leasing your space with will already have a good idea of what items you will need.

Double Down

If you’re planning to store delicate or fragile items, you’ll need to wrap them for safety.

Use soft materials like towels and bed sheets to wrap up these dainty valuables. This way, you’ll be maximizing the space and reducing your expenses. Just remember to label your boxes so you know exactly what’s inside!

How to Pack a Storage Unit with Large Furniture

Putting large, unused furniture into storage is an excellent way to de-clutter your home and life. But bulkier items like these can cause stress.

The trick with large furniture is to disassemble it, when possible. After taking the furniture apart, put all of its hardware into a plastic bag and label it.

Vacuum Seal Soft Goods

When it comes to storage unit tips, this one’s a real space-saver. Invest in a vacuum sealer in order to consolidate all of your soft items, like clothing, towels, and linens. This will help you cut down on time spent packing as well.

Incorporate a Shelf Storage Unit

Wondering how to organize a storage room if there are items you want to keep off off the ground? Using a shelf unit is the perfect solution.

Purchase a simple set of shelves and push it neatly into a corner of your unit. This way, you’re both saving space and keeping your valuables safe.

You’re Good to Go!

With the tips and tricks above, when moving time comes you will not only know how to pack a storage unit for maximum efficiency, you will also know how to save time and money while doing so. Just make sure that you consolidate and vacuum seal items when possible, disassemble larger items, and make use of towels and sheets as padding, and purchase your packing and moving materials from the facility you are storing at.

And if you have any questions along or need help looking for your next self-storage unit, feel free to contact us! We’re here to help.

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