Cut Your Churn Rate with Self-Storage Property Management Services

October 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Self-Storage Property Management

When operating a storage facility, you have to expect that some clients will come and go. However, there are various effective ways to cut your churn rate, and a self-storage property management service can help you seize those opportunities.

Communicate effectively: Some businesses drive clients away by spamming them or only communicating with them when they’re making a sale or responding to a problem. If you can find the middle ground that your clients want, they’ll be more likely to value your services. That means keeping them informed with important news and updates, encouraging feedback, and resolving issues promptly and appropriately.

Know your brand: Do you know the areas where your business offers a competitive advantage, and where you need to grow? The more you understand your brand, the more effective your communications will be. You’ll also be equipped to make sound decisions and avoid missteps that could affect how clients perceive you. That all adds up to being able to create a better experience for clients, and make it easier to retain them.

Follow up on cancellations: Of course, there may be times when even the most satisfied client decides to cancel their service. Make sure you reach out to them before they leave. You may be able to negotiate a new purchase or at least thank them so they’ll be more likely to return or make positive referrals in the future.

Right Move Self-Storage excels at making storage facilities more profitable. Contact us today to discuss marketing solutions that can make your business a top performer.

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