Bring Grandma Home & Make Downsizing Easy

May 25, 2021 Uncategorized

The trials of 2020 taught us to cherish our elders. More families are bringing aging relatives into their homes as a generation of “Boomers” — once the largest generation in US history — need a family’s care.

But downsizing a home is challenging, both emotionally and physically. Today the team at Right Move Self-Storage will give you some tips to make downsizing easy. 

Tips to Make Downsizing Easy 

Start Small 

Your loved one has a lifetime of memories stored in their home. This project can quickly become overwhelming if you start in the main room, basement, or attic. 

Instead, try:

  • Cleaning out an unused bathroom or guest bathroom
  • Tackling one small area, like a closet or hallway
  • Working through a “junk drawer”

Once the work is done, praise your family member and treat them to something special. 

Make 4 Piles: Keep, Store, Donate, and Trash (No “Maybe” Pile)

Encourage your loved ones to keep only their favorite items. For instance, many homes have piles of bedding. Your loved one should choose a few beloved quilts and donate the rest. It helps to talk about the families who need this bedding and how warm someone else will be after the donation. The same concept applies to clothing, dishes, kitchen appliances, and so on.

Don’t Rush it

Downsizing can be an emotional process for your loved one. Make sure they have plenty of opportunities to rest and reminisce on their belongings. 

And finally, be sure to choose the right storage facility. Your family member will feel better moving their belongings to a clean, secure, and safe facility. You might also like added security like 24-hour video monitoring. 

At Right Move Self-Storage, we know that downsizing a Boomer’s home is a monumental task. Check out our blogs for more great storage tips, and contact us when you’re ready.

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