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Why You Should Purchase a Storage Unit to Declutter Your House

It doesn't take a lot of wading through a home covered in knickknacks and digital effluvia to realize that there is a lot of clutter you can just plain live without.

Business professionals encourage clean desk policies as a way to increase productivity. Did you know that a clean home does the same?

For those looking to clean up a home, but either don't want to be rid of their stuff or know that they will need that stuff in the future, a storage unit can be the answer.

Storage units make life convenient by adding guilt and worry free spare rooms to the house. For about the same price as adding a person to a family phone plan, you can have peace of mind, and a clutter-free home.

The Garage Away from Home Storage Unit

Much like items that get shoved into the back of the garage and then forgotten about for a decade, a storage unit helps you realize just what you need, and which things you can simply live without. Check out this quick list of reasons to get a storage unit.

Holiday Storage

Keeping the different lights and decorations related to holidays out of the house makes for a solid reason to get storage. These items only need to be in the house a few weeks a year and spend a lot of time just taking up space.

Worse, the areas they get stored in at home often become cramped and pulling them out or putting them away leads to a lot of breakages.

Better yet, keeping the decorations outside the home adds an extra layer of fun to those times of the year. Rather than seeing some items from the garage now hung up, you can be amazed at just how much a home can be transformed when you don't see the decorations in a box somewhere.

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage items make the next largest collection of only sometimes needed clutter. These items include such limited use bits as deck chairs or patio furniture, grills, and pool supplies.

Seasonal sports equipment like skis or camping equipment also make great items to keep anywhere but the home when not needed. For homes with small children, this can keep damage to a minimum on these items.

Camping equipment, in particular, can be nice to let air out in a place not within living space range.

Accumulated Items

With a whopping 1 in 4 people reporting clutter problems, and that clutter having some surprising value, consider using storage as a testing bed for what you do and don't need.

Removing items to create a minimalist home environment can do wonders for productivity. Keeping those items off-site, but easy to get to, helps you organize what you want to keep from what you just plain can live without.

Bonus, in a few months you can take the things you don't want and get some cash from selling them off for some surprising value.

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Storing your possessions out of the house doesn't have to be a headache.

Learn more about why a storage unit can simplify your life at our blog.