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What Is Cloud Storage and How Does It Work?

What is the cloud and how does it work, exactly?

It's an important question. One that is growing increasingly relevant within today's digital landscape. From our professional lives to our personal ones, we have grown significantly dependent upon software and technology.

A lot of sensitive information is housed within our devices, much of which we cannot afford to lose.

This is where cloud storage comes into play. Read on to learn how it can make your life easier.

What is the Cloud and How Does It Work?

Cloud storage is a remote, online storage option that can house all of your sensitive files and data. These storage spaces exist on a network of servers separate from your own equipment.

Quality cloud storage services are highly secure, so you can back up your computer's files without fear of server crashes or security breaches.

In fact, you can access the cloud from any device with Internet capabilities, making it a convenient resource. Each cloud resource comes with its own online-based software to help you manage your data, uploads, and downloads.

You've probably seen, heard of, or interacted with cloud services before. Some of the most common platforms include VaultDrop, Google Drive, One Drive, and Amazon Drive.

Cloud storage services are designed to be an external database for users to back up their files or create a central storage they can access from multiple devices.

No need for CD's, external hard drives, or flash drives. All it takes is an internet connection.

Types of Cloud Storage

There are three types of cloud storage services: private, public, and hybrid . Depending upon what type of cloud service you sign up for will determine how it is operated.

A public cloud storage service is offered by a third party provider who houses multiple clients on the same hardware and server setup. It is typically the lowest costing cloud service available, making it the most popular option.

In fact, some of the most popular cloud services offer public cloud storage.

A private cloud storage service is also operated by a third party service, but it houses one client per server. This offers heightened security for its users, as well as more freedom when it comes to customization.

Lastly, hybrid cloud storage is just what it sounds like: a blend of public and private cloud storage services. In this type of cloud, you can migrate your applications and data from public to private clouds, or split your data between the two.

It gives you greater control over what is private and what is not while giving you the option to adjust your storage needs.

A Place Where Self-Storage and Cloud Storage Come Together

You now have the answer to the question "What is the cloud and how does it work?" How will you take advantage of this information to make your life easier?

We offer a place where you can access both self-storage and cloud storage services from a single company.

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