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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs Self-Storage

If you own a retail store, there's a good chance you pay a pretty penny every month to rent the space. Why waste even a single square foot of it by devoting precious space to storing your inventory?

Instead of using an area in your retail store to store inventory you won't need right away, you should consider renting self-storage space.

Check out the top 5 reasons you should rent a storage unit.

1. It Will Give You More Room to Work

Have you noticed that you and your employees don't have enough room to move around when you're working?

By getting a self-storage unit, you can free up additional space in your retail store. Just think of all the boxes that are cluttering up your space now and making it difficult for you to maneuver.

If nothing else, obtaining a storage unit will free up space that you can use to do other things like show additional inventory or provide services or alterations on items.

2. It Will Allow You to Manage Inventory More Effectively

When you have all of your inventory sitting in the back of your retail space, it can be easy for it to turn into a gigantic mess. You won't be able to find anything as a result of it.

A storage unit will help you to stay more organized because only you will be able to access it. As long as you have an inventory management system in place, you shouldn't have any problem keeping track of where your inventory is at all times.

3. It Will Help You Keep More Things in Stock

There are a lot of retail stores that would love to keep more inventory in stock. The problem: They don't have anywhere to keep it.

You can pretty much take on as much inventory as you want with a storage unit. And it will be a lot more cost-effective than moving into a bigger retail space simply to get more storage.

4. It Will Keep Your Inventory Secure

If a fire broke out in your retail store today or someone broke into it tonight, your entire inventory would be at risk. It could potentially get damaged or stolen, and you would be in deep trouble.

When you place your inventory into storage, you will know where it is at all times and, more importantly, you'll know that it's safe. A fire, burglary, or another catastrophic event in your retail store won't be too devastating to your business when you have your inventory stored elsewhere.

5. It Will Give You a Place to Store Other Items

You can keep more than just your inventory in self-storage.

You can also keep important documents, equipment you only use occasionally, seasonal store displays, and so much more. You will get a lot of use out of your storage unit, and it won't cost you much to do it.

Find Self-Storage Space Now

Are you convinced that renting a self-storage unit would be the right move for your business?

Contact us for more information on how a storage unit could benefit you.