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Self-Storage Property Management When You Have Space to Fill

Self-storage businesses run on the ebbs and flows of long-term and short-term tenants. Management has to carefully orchestrate their business processes around these changes, creating an often difficult task. These flows can be very detrimental to a business if it has operational weaknesses. Self-storage property management by Right Move has solutions to help counteract these ebbs and flows and reducing your space you have to fill.

Successful marketing is essential to keeping a self-storage business running at peak tenant capacity. This is tricky due to the nature of the business with a quick turnover of some of the tenants. This can however be reduced with a fresh stream of new customers. Right Moves self-storage property management gets your business out to these customers. Industry partnerships allow your marketing material to reach potential customers who contract with moving companies as well as rental truck companies.

A self-storage property management system not only helps you fill vacant storage units, it also leans out your overhead. This helps alleviate some of the financial effects of slow times. It helps improve your processes to reduce man hours and labor costs. This helps storage properties have positive profits, even when they have a reduced customer load. This also boosts profits substantially when operating at or near peak levels.

The combination of reduced overhead costs and proven marketing allows your self-storage business to achieve peak results. It also takes a lot of the burden off the owner or manager by having existing marketing products. This lets you quickly saturate your market and have more time to run day-to-day operations. Dedicating more time to your facility will improve tenant relations and reduce long-term tenant turnover. If you would like more information on decreasing your vacant units, please contact us.