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Self-Storage Property Management: What Is Your Plan For The Winter?

Winter is almost here! Can you feel it yet? Since the season is about to change, this means you will need to take certain measures to prepare your facility for the upcoming weather. It is important that you do everything to make sure your facility will continue running in the winter. If you create a winter checklist, you will have a list of things to save you from a long list of headaches and frustration down the line.

This is one of the most essential parts of making sure your self-storage facility is ready for the upcoming season. There are various parts to creating a successful plan, and not every facility will need to have the same plan. Many self-storage facilities will face harsh severely cold temperatures, and unfortunately, this can result in pipes becoming frozen, roofs collapsing, etc.

No self-storage property manager wants their customers to discover that they cannot access their unit because snow is everywhere or the door to their storage unit is filled with ice and is unable to be opened. You should make sure your facility is stocked with enough winter essentials so that the facility managers can easily take care of the issues without having to search for things such as shovels or salt.

It is important that you take the necessary steps to keep your customers safe. In addition to using salt to prevent ice from becoming slippery, you can also purchase floor mats that will not skid. Ice can build up on various surfaces, and it is important that all areas of your self-storage facility are safe for customers to walk on.

Winter is the favorite season for many, especially because it can bring, families together, joy, presents, and many other things. Unfortunately, winter can also bring cold temperatures and other hazards. Contact us today by visiting or call 832-415-3315 to help you create a plan that will keep your facility safe this winter.