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Self-Storage Property Management: Managing your Relationships with Local Movers

Self-Storage Property Management

If you have a self-storage facility or any kind of business, you know that nurturing relationships is a big part of the job. Think about the local businesses who typically deal with the same kind of customers as you, and consider how you might be able to work together. These kinds of partnerships can be challenging but rewarding in the end.

Know your customers: Before investing time and money in developing partnerships, you need to understand your customers and prospects. Maybe they use moving and storage services extensively or maybe they don’t. Your best partners could be local movers or a whole different kind of business depending on your research.

Screen potential partners. Before you share referrals or link yourself in any way, you want to be confident in the competence and integrity of your potential partners. Check online reviews and Better Business Bureau complaints, and ask your own customers for any relevant experiences they've had. At a minimum, it’s important to be sure the mover is licensed and insured, and maybe even a member of the American Moving and Storage Association. Make these checks ongoing so you won't be caught by surprise if conditions change for the worse.

Think creatively. There are many ways to collaborate with moving companies, brokers, or any kind of vendor. In addition to exchanging referrals, you might negotiate reciprocal discounts, promote each other on social media, or post links on your websites.

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