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Retail Products Offered at Self-Storage Facilities

Have you ever had a storage unit? Ever helped a family member or relative move stuff into one? Are you planning on getting a storage unit anytime soon?

If you've ever had one before, you know that arranging your belongings can be overwhelming and time consuming when things are all over the place.

Having the right products makes a big difference. Moving and packing is stressful enough already. Having convenient access to packing tools is necessary for a less stressful process. It also prevents unnecessary damage to your items.

What are a few products that you can conveniently find at a self-storage facility? Keep reading to find out.

1. Packing Boxes

What's the first thing you need when you start to pack? A safe place to put all your belongings. In other words, packing boxes.

We can almost guarantee that most storage facilities will offer boxes, at the very least. That way you don't have to circle the backs of grocery stores and restaurants for them!

2. Packing Tape

Most facilities should sell packing tape, usually available in different size rolls.

Make sure to purchase a sufficient amount of tape and remember to tape both tops and bottoms of your boxes to prevent your items from falling out.

3. Locks

As well as renting a unit, most facilities will have you buy a lock. Selling them at the facility makes it more convenient for customers who get to the location and may not be aware that they will need to purchase a lock.

4. Bubble Wrap

Don't make the mistake of using news printed paper to wrap your belongings in. The ink can end up transferring onto your items and leaving stains. Instead opt for bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts to secure your more fragile belongings.

These are both very common to find at self-storage facilities that offer boxes and other packing supplies.

5. Furniture Covers

Are you worried about the state of your furniture or art pieces? Or anything else that could collect mildew or dust? Then you may want to consider buying covers.

Some facilities will offer items such as furniture covers or mattress bags. Take advantage of these clear, plastic covers, which protect your nicer items.

Keep in mind some self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled units which can protect your items from mildew, dust and extreme temperatures.

6. Miscellaneous Self-Storage Supplies

Depending on the facility, you may even find some miscellaneous storage items. Things like plastic boxes; shelves; or packing wire. Some may sell thick blankets to help protect items while in transport.

Need Supplies?

Before you drive all over town seeking out boxes, tape, and blankets, check out some of our self-storage facilities.

Moving is a hassle. But there are functional ways to make it both easier and smoother. And the same goes for the storage of your items.

Contact us today to find your nearest Right Move Storage location and all the great retail products we have to offer!