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Is Your Self Storage Facility Getting New Customers From Enough Different Sources?

How many different sources of customers does your self-storage facility have? If you've been relying heavily on a single method or a limited number of methods, you may run into difficulties. Consider the risks, and see how an experienced Third Party property management firm can help you find the right solution for your business.

Even if you have all the customers you can currently handle, it's important to plan ahead for the future. When you research and test alternative marketing strategies on an ongoing basis, you can create more sustainable conditions for your business, and maximize your profits.

Prevent a drop in sales: Maybe your local television and radio spots are performing well, or maybe you've developed a winning strategy for search engine marketing. You still need to prepare for the day when a drop in responses could occur, and such fluctuations become more likely the longer you stick to a single method.

Protect yourself from cost increases: Even if you're still bringing in business with your familiar method, it could become prohibitively expensive. After all, most marketing techniques involve costs that you can't control directly, like postage and printing for direct mail or advertising rates for various media.

Find the best customers for your business: In fact, even if sales are good and costs stay manageable, you could be missing out on opportunities that you never even realized were out there. Maybe there's an untapped universe of customers that would be more profitable for your business than the ones you presently have.

If you want to diversify your customer base, contact us at Right Move Self Storage. We will work with you to multiply your methods for securing new customers. Learn more about how we've helped storage properties like yours all across the United States to become top performers in the industry.