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How to Stay Competitive in Saturated Self-Storage Markets

Storage units are easy to build and invest in. That can be good news if you're looking to expand, but it's bad news if you're worried about standing out from the crowd. Many potential customers think self-storage companies are all the same, and they'll go to the first convenient company unless there's a reason not to. If you want to keep your unit occupancy high, use these strategies to get customer attention.

Leverage your strengths.

This might seem a bit surface level, but it's an under-utilized strategy. Self-storage companies come in a variety of sizes and specialties, so find out what only you offer or what you offer best. When markets are close to the tipping point of having more supply than demand, that's when customers look for more and more distinct services. One example of differentiation is Right Move Storage who was the first self-storage company to offer a “Total storage solution” known as Vault Drop which allows customers to securely store their data as well. Whether your company is national and can offer moving services, is comprehensive and offers packing services, or offers just the basics but has low rates, make sure everyone knows what differentiates you from your competitors.

Change your services to match the customers you want to have.

College-age customers are a booming summer business. In many cases students need Summer storage, yet they may not have enough items to store in order to rent a full sized unit. Many storage properties offer locker sized units, or make suggestions that two students share a unit to make it more affordable and feasible.

Small business owners are also a growing business. They often need something between a warehouse and a storage unit that offers both accessibility and space on a small scale. If you can offer that middle ground reliably, then you have a long-term market.

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