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How to Manage the Exterior of Your Self-Storage Properties

Self-storage facilities are opening up wherever there is recent commercial development or an influx of new apartments. Part of this is due to demand. People moving to apartments often have more than apartments can hold, especially if it's a temporary lease due to job relocation and they plan on getting a house. But part of it is due to commercial real estate regulation: storage units can fit anywhere next to a wide variety of shopping centers or business complexes and they require relatively few permits. If you want to make your units stand out, invest in visibility:

Have a well-lit exterior with organized lighting.

There's nothing less inviting than a dark storage unit complex with shadowy corners and isolated hallways. If your prospective customers don't feel safe, they won't feel like their belongings are safe to store either. One of the best additions you can make to your facility, both to add the perception of safety and actual security, is more lighting. Consistent, bright lights that outline the hallways and perimeters make your complex look professional, well-maintained, and safe. Even during the daylight, people notice the presence of adequate lighting, and that detail will make people think more favorably on your company.

Have good landscaping.

This is a good addition for all companies, but it's even more true for storage units. Instead of keeping basic grasses and hedges on the green spaces around your property, change it to something that requires low maintenance but looks contemporary. This can be desert landscaping in the south, which requires little water or trimming, or local evergreen varieties. People are drawn to both nature and well maintained green areas. Offering both instead of holding onto the industrial look most storage units have will help you stand out from the crowd.

Appearances matter, both for drawing in customers and reducing potential security threats. Go to Right Move Self-Storage for more property management and marketing campaign tips.