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How to Find the Best Storage Unit Facility

Is your home starting to look like an episode of 'Hoarders?'. Sometimes, after years of accumulation, it starts to take over our lives. And for some people, parting with all these items isn't always an easy solution.

That's why finding a safe and convenient place to store it all is very important. Renting a storage unit is the best option, but how do you find the right one?

Let's look at a few ways here.

Finding the Perfect Storage Unit

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when looking to rent a storage unit, such as cost, size, and security. Location is important too.


This will be very important if you're using the unit to store items you regularly need. Especially if it's for your business, you will need it to be close. You might find one less expensive further away, but is it really worth it?

Not if you have to get there and back every day or several times a week. The closer the unit is, the more time and money you will save in the end. If it's just to store stuff you don't need every day, then weigh the cost with how often you need to travel to it.

Location can really matter if the storage unit is outside and your area experiences bad weather. Flood prone areas, extreme heat and cold and humidity are things to watch out for.


Finding the appropriate size storage unit for your needs will save you money.

Getting the smallest size unit will always be cheaper, but remember some of the larger units will be cheaper per square foot, so weigh your options and decide what suits your needs best. If you're just storing small items and you are sure you won't need to store any additional items later, then a smaller one will do.

If it's for your business or you have larger, bulkier items such as furniture, then you need space to expand and for all the other items to come.


This is a big one. Some facilities have their units located either inside a building, or outside. If they don't have 24 hours security, outside patrol or secure fencing, you may want to reconsider storing your items at their property.

If it is outside, you want to know that no one will be able to break into your unit. Of course, it's impossible to guarantee that, but safety needs to be a big concern. Check their insurance policy, to see if they are liable for any damage or theft.

Find the Best Storage Unit

It isn't difficult to find the best storage unit, just check a few close by and ask about prices, security, and what other benefits they offer.

Always make sure your stuff will be safe and looked after. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your storage needs!