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Hire a Self-Storage Property Management Firm Before You Open Your Facility

Self-Storage Property Management

You don’t have to wait until your facility is open to the public to hire a self-storage property management firm. While working with an industry expert can be valuable at any stage in the life cycle of your business, getting off to a strong start is an especially wise move, after all, you will be making a lot of important decisions even before your first customer walks through your door. Here are just a few ways a consultant can help you position your storage facility for ongoing success:

Creating an Overall Strategy: It's much easier and less expensive to decide on your unit mix now instead of having to make adjustments after you start operations when changes will become more costly and complicated. Similarly, you want to get the best payoff on your investment in technology. Plus, there are issues to address like how to focus on the amenities that are most important to your customers, how to deal with local competitors, and how to maintain good relations with your community.

Developing Marketing Campaigns: Understanding your customers and your business needs will inform your marketing approach. This will provide a stronger foundation on which to build digital and local marketing campaigns, and design brochures and other materials.

Planning Your Grand Opening: You only get one chance to make a first impression. As you launch your facility, you'll be able to count on support with the increased visibility and special promotions.

Right Move Storage has helped numerous self-storage units all across the United States to enhance their performance, and increase profits. Visit or call 832-415-3315 for information on all your management needs.