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Hire a Self-Storage Property Management and Get That Burden Off Your Shoulders

There are many reasons why you may want to hire a self-storage property management company.

Sometimes you have a number of businesses going, and all of the responsibilities that come with them are proving to be too much to handle, causing you undue stress and anxiety. Hiring a third-party company will allow you to concentrate on growing your other businesses.

A company that deals with managing self-storage facilities has experience with issues that arise, market trends, and other factors that will make your business successful.

The truth is that a lot goes into a successful self-storage facility -- just like any business. Not only do you have to deal with on-site maintenance and dealing with customers, but you must create a successful marketing campaign in order to attract new customers. Marketing these days must be done online, besides for the traditional methods of brochures and print (and perhaps even radio and television).

You need to create local and digital campaigns and great SEO-optimized websites. A lot goes into a successful online marketing strategy, including social media, SEO, and local SEO. This is just another burden on your shoulders.

That’s why we are here. We are ready to manage everything for you. We have extensive experience in managing such facilities; we have managed more than 21,000 storage units in the United States.

In fact, three-quarters of the facilities we took on were floundering and were not worth their property loan amount. Nevertheless, we took them over and converted them into high-revenue facilities.

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