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Being Successful At Self-Storage Property Management

Being successful at self-storage property management mostly depends on how you do something, as opposed to what you are doing. There are plenty of challenges that come along to make sure every facility stays on track and doesn't go over the budget.

There are a number of internal and external factors to consider as well. There are plenty of factors that could cause a self-storage property to be derailed quickly. If a property manager takes the necessary precautions, he or she will be able to make the plans that are necessary to have a successful property.

Here are a few tips to make sure you are successful at managing your self-storage property.


If good communication is not present in any kind of property, the property has a great chance of failing. The way everyone works in a team environment is to find an idea and a plan that will work for everyone. Building rapport and making calls is indispensable. Not everyone feels comfortable communicating with clients and explaining the details clearly. When you are part of a team, you will likely have someone who is willing to do those things. To be an effective self-storage property manager, you will need to document almost everything.


A good self-storage property manager will make sure the team is together while enforcing the process needed to be successful. A good self-storage property manager will not spend all the time worrying about deadlines and making reports. Self-storage property managers should support the team, and bring an amazing value and attitude to the team. They will let the team know when they are doing a great job, and kindly offer opinions and ideas to them.


The expectations for your self-storage facilities should be clear and concise. The expectations should be set by a clear scope of work. Your team should use the expectations that have been documented for what needs to be done at the facility. It is also a good idea to discuss the details with your clients. As the self-storage property manager, you already know the answers because you carefully made the plans.

Every team member can bring something to the table. You can be successful at managing your self-storage property when you have a great team.

Now that you know what it takes to be a great self-storage property manager, you need to make sure you are equipped with the proper tools, resources, and software. Contact us today for additional information.