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3 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Cloud Data Storage

Cloud data storage is revolutionizing nearly every business sector. U.S.-based companies alone have set aside $1.77 million for cloud spending in 2017. What's more, in 2018 the average IT department plans to host a majority of their own apps and platforms in the cloud.

That's not even including the software as a service cloud-based applications most businesses are starting to embrace.

But the true leader in cloud computing isn't cloud-based apps or even cloud hosting. Data storage and management are where companies are really seeing cloud computing take off.

Putting data in the cloud means instant access to all of your company's information, anywhere, at any time. You'll save money, gain easy access to tech support, and have the ability to scale at any time.

Let's take a look at why cloud data storage is right for your company.

Cost Saving

Storing your own data requires an extremely high initial investment. Servers aren't cheap, and neither is maintaining them. The hardware alone easily costs into the thousands of dollars and can exceed $5,000 for high-quality equipment. And that's all without professional setup.

Beyond the start-up costs, servers require software maintenance, (either in-house or contracted), and also hardware maintenance. Expect to replace servers every few years (unless you invested in the highest-quality hardware) just to keep up with the latest software releases.

So how does the cloud help? It works sort of like a timeshare. The provider owners the servers (unlike a timeshare), but companies rent out the server space based on their unique needs.

The only associated cost is renting the storage space. Tech support comes included, as do maintenance costs.


Part of the cost savings associated with cloud data storage space comes from the ability to easily scale your data storage. Hosting companies have huge server "farms" where they store data.

These "farms" have enormous amounts of storage ready to go online at a moments notice. When your business is ready to grow simply buy more storage. You're able to scale in real-time as your company grows, purchasing only the storage you'll actually use.

This means no buying more servers, no extra IT hires, and no wasted hardware that sits idle waiting until you've grown enough to need more space.

Tech Support

Servers break, software glitches, and internet connections drop. This all happens rather frequently, and someone needs to pick up the pieces. Running your own servers means employing an IT team to manage your cloud storage.

However, new hires are expensive, and in-house IT teams aren't available 24/7. With cloud hosting companies you'll have 24/7 IT help from people that know the service inside and out.

Hosting company IT teams know their specific platforms and deal with the same problems day in and day out. What might stump an in-house IT team won't stump the hosting tech support.

Cloud-based hosting ensures your data is available, no matter what.

Choosing Your Own Cloud Data Storage

Choosing the best cloud storage company for your business means understanding what exactly you need for your unique storage needs. Every business is different, and talking to an expert is the only way to know what's best.

So if you're in the market for cloud data storage solutions for your business, get in touch with us. Our experts can price out exactly what's best for your business' needs.

Let us help you get on the road to cheaper and more efficient data storage.