7 Items You Should Probably Not Put In Your Storage Unit

January 9, 2020 Uncategorized

So you have a storage unit, good for you. That is a bold step. As cool as it sounds to dump all your stuff in these spaces, there are a few things you should not put in them. They are:

  • Perishable Food

Perishable food such as meat, vegetables, fruits, cooked food can hardly last day in the unit. They all have a shelf life and are susceptible to rotting and mold. Furthermore, foods attract rodents and pests.

  • Illegal items

Sounds like a scene from a movie, but drugs, stolen items, counterfeit goods, illicit alcohol, unsafe goods, and unlicensed drugs are prohibited from storage units. Not only are they illegal to store, but you can also easily get arrested. The theory stands proven.

  • Dead or Alive Animals

Even though your partner is allergic to cats, you cannot keep your pet in these spaces. That is animal cruelty, and you are opening yourself to legal action.

  • Humans

You pay for the unit every month, so you might as well live in it, Right? Wrong! This is illegal. What you paid for was to store supplies in your unit not rent.

  • Money and Valuables

The moment you put your valuables in the unit, you become a target. To avoid losing your hard-earned cash or your grandmother’s jewelry, store your valuables in the bank or safety deposit box.

  • Scented And Wet Items

The same way you are attracted to a great cologne is the same way rodents react to scented items. If you think your items are heavily scented, store it in an airtight container. Don’t put anything moist and damp in your unit. They are home for molds.

  • Hazardous, Toxic Materials, Explosives and Firearms.

Sounds obvious but avoid putting anything that contains petrol or gas. Fireworks and guns are also a no. Anything can happen at any time. Let’s be safe.

If you have other items and you are not sure if they are suitable for storage like a time machine, contact us, and we will advise you accordingly.

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