4 Reasons to Make a Storage Unit Part of Your Holiday Preparations This Autumn

October 17, 2019 Uncategorized

If you love the holiday season, you might already be planning family get-togethers, scoping out your yard display, and getting holiday crafts ready to roll. All of that planning needs a lot of organization. Here’s how a storage unit can help keep your holiday plans easy, organized, and fun.

1. Make sure you have room for the tree and other decorations.

Ornate Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and other holiday displays can take up a lot of room in your house. Instead of shuffling around the furniture so everything feels cramped, decide what you don’t need in the house for a month or two and move it to storage. Emptying out the space can also save you a lot of aggravation when you’re extending the dining room table for a big Thanksgiving Day dinner.

2. Declutter if your present to yourself is a new remodel or new furniture.

Whether you’re renovating before the holidays or as part of your New Year’s resolution, it’s always easier to get rid of furniture, home decor, and other bulky things before the replacements come in. But instead of donating them, temporarily put your older belongings in a storage unit just in case your plans change.

3. Clear out a room to create a guest bedroom.

If your house is the go-to location for holidays this year, temporarily transform your office or den into a full guest room. You might have relatives stopping by for a night or two from November 1st through the first week of January. Clearing out the space makes it easier to clean and gets rid of half the stress of having guests.

4. Make sure your presents are well-hidden.

While you might not get a storage unit just to secure gifts from prying eyes, it’s a great space to use when you already need a storage unit for your holiday plans. When your family is going to be doing a lot of cleaning, packing, and decorating, your usual hiding spots might not be secure enough.

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