3 Tips for Packing Your Belongings to Put Them in Storage

March 5, 2020 Uncategorized

A lot of people need to put their belongings in storage at one time or the other. Maybe you’re a college student going home for the summer, but it’s not possible for you to carry all your things home with you. Why not put them in storage? Or maybe you’re going to be living abroad for some time once your lease is over. You obviously won’t be able to take your furniture with you to a different country. But you may not want to sell it off either, especially if it consists of antiques or things which have sentimental value. So you can consider putting it in storage.

Get Your Packing Supplies

Even if you’re putting all your things in storage, it’s a good idea to pack them properly so that they won’t break in transit and will be easy to find when you take them out of storage. The first thing you should do is take advantage of the boxes, bubble wrap, and tape that your self-storage space offers you.

Packing Heavy and Light Items

Figure out how many boxes you need and what sizes you need them in. If you’re storing more heavy items, it’s best to put them in small boxes. If you’re storing light items, put them in larger boxes. This will make the boxes easier to carry later on. Books, especially, are notoriously heaving. So if you have a lot of books, make sure you put them in small boxes. Clothes, linen, cushions, pillows, hangers, etc. can be put in large boxes.

Bubble-Wrapping Delicate Items

And if you are packing kitchen stuff, then be sure to use bubble wrap. You may not need this with all your pots, pans and cutlery because these are metallic. However, you will need it for plates, serving bowls, glasses, etc. There’s no need to be stingy with bubble wrap. The more you use, the safer your items will be. Little knickknacks and porcelain figurines that are breakable can also be bubble wrapped to keep them safe.

Other than that, make sure that you pack things neatly in an organized fashion as this helps you to find them easily afterwardContact us for more packing tips when you put your things in storage.

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